So often in relationships we feel a painful disconnect between our vision and how things really are.


We may get caught in old habitual ways of relating that prevent us from getting (or keeping) the relationship we deeply desire.


Whether it is limiting beliefs, lack of self-knowlege, or fear, patterns crop up that sabotage our best intentions.


That is why it's so important to get proactive about relationships and not leave things to chance. Habits usually win.


All deep changes require conscious intention, new tools, and the internalization of supportive beliefs at the subconscious level.


So to start this year off right, I've called upon some amazing relationship experts, authors, coaches and living examples of deep relationship growth. I've asked them to share their most valuable tips, tools, advice and discoveries to support you in creating and maintaining healthy, authentic relationships in 2015. 

If you are ready to make some big changes in your relationships,  this event is for you.


Whether you have made resolutions for the New Year, or you have had enough of the old ways, you will find support in the form of practical advice and "how-tos" geared towards deep and lasting change.


Make the leap discover how to manifest the amazing relationships you are meant to have!


During the Healthy, Authentic Relationships Telesummit event you will:


     *   Get clear on--and love--who you really are

     *   Hear the new science about love and what makes it last

     *   Learn how to be fully authentic in your relationships
     *   Find out what stops true connection
     *   How to recover from an affair
     *   Gain some healthy, assertive communication tools
     *   Lose the fear and release self-sabotage for good
     *   Learn how to attract a healthy partner into your life

     *   Find out what re-awakens desire and  enhances intimacy

     *   Create a clear relationship vision to guide your changes


Join us for this powerful free virtual Telesummit, and you will hear from each expert and can ask them questions live. This is a unique opportunity to directly engage and learn from these amazing speakers.

When you sign up, you will receive free gifts from each of the experts after the event:


 Ebook: How to Find and Keep a Love That Lasts (Sarah Abell)


 Free audio: 3 Steps to Get your Partner to Support Your Dream (Dr. Jenev Caddell)

Ebook:  More Love Right Now (Susie and Otto Collins)


Free 30 minute Coaching Call  to suppor greater authenticity and self-expression (Christine Hart)


One 30-minute "Relationship Audit" coaching session (Monika Hoyt)


Ebook: The First Step in Surviving Infidelity (Dr. Robert Huizenga)


Ebook: The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples (Lisa Kift)


The "Kick-start your search for real love and lasting happiness" worksheets, one free hour-long coaching call, AND a 20% discount on coaching package (Jane Rapin)


Ebook on the Top 14 tips and actionable guide to Self Love: How to Create a Life Full of Love (Amanda Rose)


The Integrity-fueled Relationships Workbook (Gina Senarighi)


Cheat sheet on Increasing Your Sex Drive (Allie Theiss)


Here’s who we will be talking to ( see more about each speaker down below):


Sarah Abell--Author, Relationship Expert, and TEDtalker

Sarah will be sharing:


The seven ways to create a love that grows and lasts. 
The true meaning of connection
How to let go of self-protection (the wrong kind)

How to tell if you are being truly authentic

Dr. Jenev Caddell--Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Coach

Dr. Caddell will teach:


The new science of love and what it reveals about how relationships thrive

 The 3 key ingredients for any healthy relationship

 Conscious communication tools for difficult issues such as money

Sophia Chang--Dating & Spirituality Author, Speaker and Coach

Sophia teaches us:

How to tell the difference between "feeling good" and wholeness

The only true way to gain self-acceptance

How to move past denial and control to become conscious of who we really are


Susie and Otto Collins--Authors, Speakers and Relationship Coaches


Susie and Otto teach:

Why the spark and sizzle leave a relationship and how to stop this from happening
The "Spark Starters" that increase passion no matter how long you've been together
The "Magic Words" that move you out of power struggles and into deeper intimacy and trust

Christine Hart--Founder of Living & Loving Authentically

Christine will show you:


Exactly how to take "far-fetched" relationship desires and turn them into reality

The 3 Keys to authentic communication

The healthy coping tools for dealing with stress or overwhelm

Monika Hoyt--Licensed Therapist and Relationship Coach

Monika will share:

How to end blame for good

What good boundaries look like and 5 ways to set them in a loving way


Dr. Robert Huizenga--Author and Infidelity/Relationship Coach


Dr. Huizenga teaches us:


The 3 top motives for marital affairs
The different kinds of affairs

Most effective strategies for dealing with your partner's affair

Lisa Kift--Therapist, Author, and creator of

What emotional safety really is
What degrades emotional safety in relationships
What promotes emotional safety in relationships

Juna Mustad and Justin Milano--Founders of Daily Relationship


Juna and Justin share with us:


How to live a completely honest relationship at all times
What authenticity really looks like
The biggest barriers to closeness and how to overcome them


Jane Rapin--Relationship Expert and Love Coach

Jane will teach you how to:


See the past through new eyes
Eliminate self-sabotage to live a life full of love

Live every day as your confident, sexy and authentic self


Amanda Rose--Founder/CEO of Dating Boutique

Amanda teaches:


How to attract a healthy relationship into your life

The secrets of true self love
5 ways to create a life you love


Dr. Gina Senarighi-- PhD, MFT, CDWF, relationship coach, couples counselor

Gina will reveal:


3 myths about conflict in relationships (and 3 ways to stay out of it)

5 questions that will help you uncover your hidden or unmet needs

The secret to communicating clearly (and being heard)


Dawn Serra--Sex Educator and Erotic Coach


Dawn will be sharing:


How to master the art of surrender

Three ways to get rid of "should" in your love life

Concrete techniques on how to actively receive

How to discuss intimacy with ease

Allie Theiss--MSc Sex Coach


Allie shows you:

How to restart and keep sexual desire
6 myths about passion that will take you down the wrong path

5 steps to ooze confidence



All this is for free! Just RSVP at the top or bottom of this page, and your spot will be reserved. (Call-in details will be emailed to you).